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HO Scale Freight Car


History:  The Roadrailers® trailer features identical interior dimensions and a tare weight only 600 lb. heavier than conventional trailers and 1,000 lb. less than a 53-foot "high cube" domestic container on chassis. The Roadrailers® trailer has a unique air-ride suspension system which reduces the trailer weight by hundreds of pounds. The Federal Railroad Administration has increased the permissible length of Roadrailers® trains from 75 to 100 units. Testing is now underway to increase the length to 125 units. In a typical 120 unit trailer piggyback train of 60 89' conventional TTX cars there will be as much as 140 feet of coupler slack. A 200 unit container articulate double stack train has about 10 feet of coupler slack between the loco and the last car. The RoadRailer® train (125 units) has just 5 inches of slack. This reduces damage to the cargo.

Triple Crown® Service's Inc. (a jointly owned subsidiary of Conrail and Norfolk Southern) has 13 terminals Chicago, Illinois; Kansas City, Missouri; St. Louis, Missouri; Dalton, Georgia; Atlanta, Georgia; Jacksonville, Florida; Crestline, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan; Toronto, Canada; Rochester, New York; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and Newark, New Jersey. In April 1996 Swift Transportation/Southern Pacific Roadrailer® service on the west coast got underway between Los Angeles, CA and Portland OR. Initial plans call for two trains per week each way, working towards a daily service.

Official Authorized Model:  Our skilled designers worked closely with Wabash National's engineering and marketing departments to insure the accuracy of our trailers.

Kit Includes:  One piece plastic molded trailer body, underframe, landing gear, tires and rail bogie with Roller Bearing trucks and 33" wheels on brass axles. CouplerMate™ Transition Rail Bogie with X-2f coupler is packaged separately (only one is required for a train - not included with kit). Uses KD© #5. MADE IN USA.

Ordering:  You can order any quantity. Different road numbers are available indicated by the following keys in the "Description": we have 3 road numbers available if the first letter is a plus sign [+] and we have 12 road numbers if the first letter is an asterisk [*] .

Listing of Available Models and Associated Car Numbers:  The list below identifies the cars and roadnames that are currently available.  Underlined part numbers have pictures available for you to see on-line by clicking on part number.  Please note that each production run of a roadname uses a new series of car numbers.  We do not re-use a previous numbering series for any subsequent production run.  Thus, we only can fill orders for the most current production run and associated numbering series.   Please refer to our list of RoadRailers® car numbers that have be used and the current numbers which are available.

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-55500  53 Foot Roadrailer Undecorated * n.a.
1-55501  *53 Foot Roadrailer Tple Cr Medium Logo * n.a.
1-55502  *53 Foot Roadrailer Schneider * n.a.
1~55503  *53 Foot Roadrailer Triple Crown Large Logo * n.a.
1-55504  *53 Foot Roadrailer Triple Crown Small Logo * n.a.
1-55505  53 Foot Roadrailer White with SIlver Trim * n.a.
1-55506  *53 Foot Roadrailer Swift * n.a.
1~55507  *53 Foot Roadrailer Santa Fe * n.a.
1~55508  53 Foot Roadrailer Wabash & Roadrailer * n.a.
1-55509  *53 Foot Roadrailer White/Silver Amtrak * n.a.
1-55510  *53 Foot Roadrailer White Amtrak * n.a.
1-55511  +53 Foot Roadrailer Wabash Lease * n.a.
1-55512  * -NEW- 53 Foot Roadrailer Swith with Wabash Logo * n.a.

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Part #DescriptionPrice
1-55521  *53 Foot Side Door Roadrailer Amtrak * n.a.

green bar

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-55525  *Reefer Railer Ice Cold Express * n.a.
1-55526  *Reefer Railer Ice Cold with Mt Logo * n.a.
1-55527  *Duraplate Roadrailer Icez * n.a.
1-55528  *Roadrailer TMM * n.a.
1-55530  *Duraplate Roadrailer Clipper * n.a.
1-55531  *53 Foot Roadrailer Amtrak Express Trak * n.a.
1-55532  *Duraplate Roadrailer CN Train Logo * n.a.
1-55533  +Reefer Railer Kit- Alliance * n.a.
1-55534  * -NEW- 53 Foot Reeferrailer Southwest * n.a.
1-55539  *Duraplate Roadrailer Canadian National * n.a.
1-55541  * -NEW- 53 Foot Reeferrailer Clipper Small Logo * n.a.

green bar

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-55535  Duraplate Roadrailer Undecorated * n.a.
1-55536  *Duraplate Roadrailer TC * n.a.
1-55538  *Duraplate Roadrailer Swift * n.a.

green bar

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-55700  53 Foot Smooth Wall Roadrail Undecorated * n.a.
1-55701  *53 Foot Smooth Wall Roadrail Amtrak * n.a.
1-55702  =53 Foot Smooth Wall Roadrail Swift * n.a.
1-55703  =53 Foot Smooth Wall Roadrail Superwedge * n.a.
1-55704  *53 Foot Smooth Wall Roadrail Triple Crown * n.a.
1-55707  =53 Foot Smooth Wall Roadrail White/Sil * n.a.
1-55708  *53 Foot Smooth Wall Roadrail Up * n.a.
1~55709  *53 Foot Smooth Wall Roadrail TC Early * n.a.

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Coupler Mate ™ for the Roadrailer®
Note that only one Coupler Mate™ is needed to make a train. This is the front unit that couples the RoadRailer cars to the train. Includes operating knuckle coupler. The photo on the right is shown with the the Coupler Mate ™ Railing and Steps kit.
55498  (  (55499

PriceDescriptionPart #
* n.a.   Roadrailer Couplermate 1-55498
* n.a.   Railing And Steps for Couplermate 1-55499

Coupler Mate ™ Exploded view drawing #1  (JPG image)

Coupler Mate ™ Exploded view drawing #2  (JPG image)
Roadrailer and Couplermate are registered trade marks of Wabash Technology Corp.
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