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HO Scale Freight Car
PRR N-5 Caboose


History:  The N-5 was the world's first all steel cabin car. Produced in 1914 by Lines East these cars were equipped with archbar, leaf spring trucks and small tool boxes under their sides. While it was referred to as a center cupola, the N-5 cupola was actually 12 1/2" off center. It had a brake lever on each end of the platform instead of the brake wheel. Over the years some changes occured. the top lights and tool boxes were removed, Ajax brake wheels replaced the brake levers, AB brakes replaced the K style, and coil spring trucks were replaced by leaf spring trucks. New end sills, collision posts and new end railings were added. The stove and chimney were moved from the end of the car closer to the cupola. There were a total of 616 cars built in this era. Antenna support system not included. (Drill spots for locating antenna system supports are molded into underside of roof).

The history of the Pennsylvania Railroad rolling stock lettering is as follows:
January, 1930 Circle Keystone Lettering was applied.
June, 1954 Shadow Keystone lettering was applied.
July, 1956 Plain Keystone (black car) was applied.
Early 1960's PRR Initials started.

Kit Includes:  One piece plastic molded body, one piece plastic molded roof, brake wheel, air reservoir, brake cylinder, control valve, X2f couplers, plastic trucks/wheels and steel car weights.  Made in USA.

Accessories Available:  Click here to see our optional antenna system, lighting kits and window kits.

Listing of Available Models and Associated Car Numbers:  The list below identifies the cars and roadnames that are currently available.  Underlined part numbers have pictures available for you to see on-line by clicking on part number.  Please note that each production run of a roadname uses a new series of car numbers.  We do not re-use a previous numbering series for any subsequent production run.  Thus, we only can fill orders for the most current production run and associated numbering series.   Please refer to our list of PRR N-5 Caboose car numbers that have be used and the current numbers which are available.

Most cars have 3 or 12 different road numbers available at a time (3 pack or 12 pack).

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-55000  N5 Caboose PRR CABIN CAR Undecorated * n.a.
1-55001  N5 Caboose PRR Old Style Eastern Region #477773 * n.a.
1-55002  N5 Caboose PRR Old Style Pittsburg #477110 * n.a.
1-55003  N5 Caboose PRR Old Style Buckeye #477188 * n.a.
1-55004  N5 Caboose PRR Old Style Philadelphia #477224 * n.a.
1-55005  N5 Caboose PRR Shadow Keystone Pittsburg #477531 * n.a.
1-55006  N5 Caboose PRR Shadow Keystone Eastern #477437 * n.a.
1-55007  N5 Caboose PRR Shadow Keystone Philadelphia #47742 * n.a.
1-55008  N5 Caboose PRR Shadow Keystone Buckeye #477041 * n.a.
1-55009  N5 Caboose PRR New Style #477610 * n.a.
1-55010  N5 Caboose CONRAIL * n.a.
1-55011  N5 Caboose Penn Central #19153 * n.a.
1-55012  N5 Caboose New Haven Box Car Red * n.a.
1-55013  N5 Caboose AMTRAK Orange Car #14005 * n.a.
1-55014  N5 Caboose AMTRAK Orange Car #14011 * n.a.
1-55015  N5 Caboose Boston&Maine Blue Car #C-31 * n.a.
1-55016  N5 Caboose CAMBRIA&IND Tuscan Car #38 * n.a.
1-55017  N5 Caboose CONRAIL Grey Car #46142 * n.a.
1-55018  N5 Caboose DET&MACKINAC Tuscan Car #207 * n.a.
1-55019  N5 Caboose LONG ISLAND Orange * n.a.
1-55020  N5 Caboose PENNSY RGD Seashore #226 * n.a.
1-55021  N5 Caboose PRR New Style Central Region #477204 * n.a.
1-55022  N5 Caboose PRR New Style SO Region #477588 * n.a.
1-55023  N5 Caboose PRR New Style Lettering Western Region #477203 * n.a.
1-55024  N5 Caboose NY&NH&HART * n.a.
1-55025  N5 Caboose PRR New Style Red with WHITE Cupola * n.a.
1-55026  N5 Caboose PENNSY RDG Seashore * n.a.
1~55027  N5 Caboose CAMBRIA&INDIANA RR * n.a.
1-55028  N5 Caboose Long Island Car 1 Tuscan Red * n.a.
1-55029  N5 Caboose PRR New Style Orange with BLK Roof * n.a.
1-55030  N5 Caboose PRR Yellow with BLACK Roof * n.a.
1-55031  N5 Caboose Penn Central * n.a.
1-55032  N5 Caboose PRR New Style Red with Yellow Cupola * n.a.
1-55033  N5 Caboose BOSTON & MAINE MINUTE MAN LOGO * n.a.
1-55034  N5 Caboose PRR Circle Keystone Over Pennsylvania * n.a.
1-55035  N5 Caboose PRR Circle Keystone Under Pennsylvania * n.a.
1-55036  N5 Caboose PRR SHADOW REA * n.a.
1-55037  N5 Caboose NY NH&H AMER.RWY.EXP. * n.a.
1-55038  N5 Caboose PRR AMERICAN RWY.EXP. * n.a.
1-55039  N5 Caboose PRR WAR BONDS * n.a.
1-55040  N5/N5C Clear Plastic Window Kit * n.a.
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