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HO Scale Freight Car
PRR H21 4-Bay Hopper Cars


History:  1911 thru 1917 70 ton H21a "quad" hoppers were introduced for coal service. During 1922 and 1923 all early H21 hoppers were converted to H21a's by replacing the 50 ton trucks with 70 ton trucks equiping them for coal service and bringing the total to 36,000 H21a hopper cars. The original 1909 thru 1930 quad hoppers were built with the "old style" double door hopper. During the 1930's and early 1940's all old style double-door hoppers were replaced with the "saw tooth" hopper, increasing capacity by 39 to 40 cubic feet making them easier to maintain.

The history of the Pennsylvania Railroad rolling stock lettering is as follows:
January, 1930 Circle Keystone Lettering was applied.
June, 1954 Shadow Keystone lettering was applied.
July, 1956 Plain Keystone (black car) was applied.
Early 1960's PRR Initials started.

Kit Includes:  Injection molded plastic body, hopper doors, wine door latches with door bracing, coal load, interior bracing, end mounted brake wheel or top mounted brake wheel, X2f couplers, one piece molded trucks, and 33" chilled wheels with RP-25 flanges on brass axles.  The production molds were made using the original PRR drawings as our guide.

Associated Equipment Available:  Add coal loads made by Blue Mountain to your hopper car rolling stock. Two loads are included in each package.

PriceDescriptionPart #
* n.a.   COAL LOAD BOWSER PRR H21 4-BAY HOP 30-45

Exploded view drawings   PRR H21a 4-Bay Hopper  (JPG image)

Ordering:  You can order any quantity. Different road numbers are available indicated by the following keys in the "Description": we have 3 road numbers available if the first letter is a plus sign [+] and we have 12 road numbers if the first letter is an asterisk [*] .

Listing of Available Models and Associated Car Numbers:  The list below identifies the cars and roadnames that are currently available.  Underlined part numbers have pictures available for you to see on-line by clicking on part number.  Please note that each production run of a roadname uses a new series of car numbers.  We do not re-use a previous numbering series for any subsequent production run.  Thus, we only can fill orders for the most current production run and associated numbering series.   Please refer to our list of PRR H21 4-Bay Hopper Cars car numbers that have be used and the current numbers which are available.

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-54050  H21A Undecorated * n.a.
1~54051  +H21A Circle Keystone PRR FRT Car Color * n.a.
1-54052  +H21A Shadow Keystone PRR FRT Car Color * n.a.
1-54053  *H21A PRR Modern Lettering-Black * n.a.
1~54054  H21A Circle Keystone NO Car # FRT Car Color * n.a.
1-54055  H21A Shadow Keystone NO Car # FRT Color * n.a.
1-54056  H21A Modern Lettering No Car # Black * n.a.
1-54057  *H21A PRR Early VERSION FRT Car Color * n.a.
1-54058  H21A PRR Block Lettering- Black * n.a.
1-54059  H21A Penn Central- Black Car * n.a.
1-54060  H21A Penn Central- Yellow Car * n.a.
1-54061  +H21A Circle Keystone `COAL GOES TO WAR` * n.a.
1-54062  H21A PRR Early Lettering without Car # * n.a.
1-54063  H21A PRR Block Lettering without Car # * n.a.
1-54064  H21A Circle Keystone `COAL TO WAR` without Car # * n.a.
1-54065  H21A Penn Central Black without/ Car # * n.a.
1-54066  *H21A Hopper N&W Car * n.a.
1-54068  *Virginian H-21A 4 BAY Hopper * n.a.
1-54069  PRR Ice Breaker H-21 Hopper * n.a.
1-54100  H-21 with Clam Shell Door Undecorated * n.a.
1-54101  +H-21 with Clam Shell Door PRR * n.a.
1-54102  +H-21 with Clam Shell Door PRR Circle Keystone * n.a.
1-54103  +H-21 Clam Shell Hopper Berty Coal * n.a.
1-54104  +H-21 Clam Shell Hopper Donora Southern * n.a.
1-54105  +H-21 Clam Shell Hopper Erie * n.a.
1-54106  +H-21 Clam Shell Hopper B&O * n.a.
1-54108  +H-21 Clam Shell Hopper Bethlehem Mine * n.a.
1-54111  *H-21 with Clam Shell Door PRR Lines * n.a.
1-54112  +H-21 Clam Shell Hopper Fairport&P&E * n.a.
1-54113  +H-21 Clam Shell HOP Rainey WD Coke * n.a.
1-54114  +H-21 Clam Shell Hopper Alcoa Ore Co * n.a.
1-54115  +H-21 Clam Shell Hopper REP Iron STEEL * n.a.
1-54116  +H-21 Clam Shell Hopper Youngston SHEET * n.a.
1-54117  +H-21 Clam Shell Hopper Davies STEEL * n.a.
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