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HO Scale Freight Car
PRR K-9 and K-11 Stock Cars


History:  In 1959, the P. R. R. started rebuilding X-31?s and X-32?s into stock cars. they had ventilation holes cut into the car sides, stock car doors, and a general renovation. The X-31?s became K-11?s and the X-32?s became K-9?s. By April 1of 1968, 180 K-9?s and 50 K-11?s had been converted.

The history of the Pennsylvania Railroad rolling stock lettering is as follows:
January, 1930 Circle Keystone Lettering was applied.
June, 1954 Shadow Keystone lettering was applied.
July, 1956 Plain Keystone (black car) was applied.
Early 1960's PRR Initials started.

Ordering:  You can order any quantity. Different road numbers are available indicated by the following keys in the "Description": we have 3 road numbers available if the first letter is a plus sign [+] and we have 12 road numbers if the first letter is an asterisk [*] .

Listing of Available Models and Associated Car Numbers:  The list below identifies the cars and roadnames that are currently available.  Underlined part numbers have pictures available for you to see on-line by clicking on part number.  Please note that each production run of a roadname uses a new series of car numbers.  We do not re-use a previous numbering series for any subsequent production run.  Thus, we only can fill orders for the most current production run and associated numbering series.  

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-55465  K-9 50 Foot Stock Car Undecorated * n.a.
1-55466  +K-9 50 Foot Stock Car PRR Livestock * n.a.
1-55467  +K-9 50 Foot Stock Car PRR Block Letter * n.a.
1-55468  +K-9 50 Foot Stock Car Silver Roof Livestock * n.a.
1-55469  +K-9 50 Foot Stock Car Black Roof PRR Block * n.a.

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-55450  K-11 40 Foot Stock Car Undecorated * n.a.
1-55451  +K-11 40 Foot Stock CarPRR * n.a.
1-55452  +K-11 Stock Car PRR Silver Roof * n.a.
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