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   #3-203  Northern
   #3-204  GS-4
   #3-205  NYC Niagara
   #3-206  Northern
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English's Model Railroad Supply - Replacement Mechanisms
HO Scale Bowser Replacement Mechanisms for Bachmann Locomotives

These Mechanisms include zinc die cast underframe and coverplate, die cast or brass side rods, DC-71 motor, all necessary mounting hardware, engine and tender weights, tender truck wheels and instructions.

To see more details, please click on the underlined kit part numbers below.

PriceDescriptionPart #
* n.a.   Mechanism.Kit Bachmann K-4 PRR 3-200
* n.a.   Mechanism 2-8-0 Bachmann KIT RDG 3-201
* n.a.   Mechanism Bachmann N&W `J` 4-8-4 3-202
* n.a.   Mechanism Bachmann Northern with Tank Tender 3~203
* n.a.   GS-4 Mechanism KIT 3~204
* n.a.   Mechanism Kit Bachmann NIAG 3-205
* n.a.   Mechanism Bachmann Northern with Long Tender 3-206
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