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Bowser - HO - Steam Loco Kits
USRA Mountain 4-8-2

History:  The light Mountains were the last of the USRA line to be completed. In May of 1919 they were delivered by Alco, with Baldwin soon following suit.

Many of the parts were interchangeable with other USRA engines. Cylinders were 27" x 30", the drivers were 69" in diameter, boiler pressure was 200 pounds, the locomotive weighed 327,000 pounds, and these engines had a tractive force of 53,900 pounds. The running gear for the USRA light is the same as on the heavy Mountain except for the weight of springs and certain other small parts.

Copies of the light model began to be produced in 1920 by Alco. Feedwater heaters were now added to the original version, along with copies of the original. Southern valve gears, Vanderbilt tenders, small compressors on the engine (an unusual sight on a large engine), front-end throttle, exhaust steam injector, and a second sandbox were all new features that would be found in later years on copies of the USRA 4-8-2 Light.

There were only 52 USRA Heavy Mountains built. Alco and Baldwin produced these locomotives for C&O, N&W, and FEC from 1918 to 1926. These engines had cylinders that were 28" x 32". Using 69"drivers, the same wheel spacing as the light Mountain, 200 pounds of pressure, and weighing 327,000 pounds a tractive force of 58,000 pounds was exerted. The boilers used on this model were the same as those used on the USRA 2-10-2, but since its drivers were larger the boiler was mounted 5" higher on the USRA Mountain.

Some additions to later versions of the heavy Mountain included: a pump, low headlight, cantilever bell hanger arrangement, Worthington SA feedwater heater, compressors, a long tender, front-end throttle, footholds, and some FEC's were installed with Elesco heaters.

Complete Kit and Accessories:  The locomotive and tender complete kit has all of the parts to build a working model. You may wish to add your own details or purchase our "Super Detail Kit" if available. Some models have an optional painted engineer and fireman, smoke unit kit and other assemblies available as optional equipment to compliment your kit-building needs.

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-100400  USRA Mountain Loco & Tender Kit * n.a.
1-100410  USRA Mountain Super Detail Kit * n.a.
1-100412  Engineer & Fireman with Bulkhead & Floor-Painted * n.a.
1-100416  Smoke Unit, M-1, M-1a, N2, Northern, USRA Mountain * n.a.

Kit Components and Replacement Parts:  The following parts are listed in order to identify parts in your kit or to replace parts that have been lost, damaged or simply worn out.  This is not a complete list of all of the individual parts available for this model - please call Bowser with your specific requirements if you cannot find the parts you need.  You may also use our on-line catalog to find parts by description.  Please note that part numbers with a price of "Call Us" may be part of an assembly and may not be available as a separate purchase item.

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-100401  Side Rod Kit, USRA, K4001 (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100402  Boiler, Frame, Drivers, Tender, Trucks (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100403  Miscellaneous Kit, USRA, K4003 (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100404  Lead Truck Kit, USRA, K4004 (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100405  Valve Gear Kit, USRA, K4005 (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100406  Castings Kit, USRA, K4006 (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100407  Trailing Truck Kit, USRA, K4007 (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100408   Frame, Driver, Cylinders, USRA, K4008 (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100411  Pilot Kit USRA (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100415   Spare Rivet Kit (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100417   Pilot Kit USRA Mountain Use 100411 (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100418   USRA Boiler And Pilot Kit (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100419   USRA Heavy Mountain Mechanism (included in Kit) * n.a.
1-100420  Assembly Instructions (included in Kit) [also a 0.9Mb PDF] * n.a.

  Cylinders 27" x 30"
  Steam pressure 200 lbs.
  Tractive force 53,900 lbs.
  Engine weight-working order 327,000 lbs.
  Length with Tender 12-1/4"
  Height 2 1/8"
  Weight 2 lbs 5 oz.
  Minimum radius 18"
  Power Bowser DC-71
  Drivers 69"

Brunswick Green Model w/Brass Super Detail Kit Installed
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