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Bowser - HO - Steam Loco Kits
PRR L-1 Mikado 2-8-2

History:  L1s were the freight counterparts to the famous K-4s because of their identical boilers. They were originally built to replace 2-8-0's in main line freight work. They were later to be known as "heroes" of World Wars I and II. The L1s gained their popularity during World War I, with the delivery of much-needed goods to U.S. soldiers.

J.T. Wallis, Superintendant of Motive Power for Lines East, along with his assistants, Alfred Gibbs and Axel Vogt, planned for the identical boilers, along with other similar parts, to be in both the L1 and K-4 models, so that the parts could be interchangeable.

Some characteristics of the L1 are: a 27" x 30" cylinder, boiler pressure of 205 pounds, and a weight of 314,600 pounds. The L1 would later be improved, with more horsepower, by stoker-firing the engine.

Between the years of 1914 and 1919, shops at Baldwin, Juniata, and Lima produced 574 locomotives identical to the original developed in 1913. Modernization of the L1s began in the 1920's. Air tanks were shoved up front after the implementation of a power reverse gear on boiler-side, and stokers were introduced very slowly, with some locos never receiving them at all. The stokers replaced hand firing of the trains. Steel pilot beams and footboards were also added in later years.

By the mid 1920's the L1s were spreading nationwide. They could be found throughout the Central and Eastern United States, and some were starting to spread into the West. With the onslaught of the depression in the 1930's, and electricfication of the east, L1 engines were now made in surplus, and pushed onto storage tracks. Two of the large storage yards were located in Hollidaysburg and Marysville, both towns in Pennsylvania. With the start of World War II came the implementation of even more stokers. Engines that had been hand fired were having stokers attached as quickly as possible.

On October 20th of 1957, L1s 520 pulled one of the last steam powered passenger trains; the era of the steam powered engines was coming to a close.

The Deluxe Kit Includes:  The locomotive and tender complete kit, a painted engineer and fireman, and all of the "Super Detail Kit" parts. In addition, the boiler & tender body have been pre-drilled to enable installation of all the "Super Detail Kit" parts and the valve gear has been assembled.  Please note that some holes may need to reamed to fit the posts on some parts.

Complete Kit and Accessories:  The locomotive and tender complete kit has all of the parts to build a working model. You may wish to add your own details or purchase our "Super Detail Kit". In addition we have a painted engineer and fireman, a smoke unit kit and assemblies available as optional equipment to compliment your kit-building needs.

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-526   L-1 Mikado 2-8-2, Deluxe Kit * n.a.
1-100800   PRR L-1 Mikado with Tender Kit * n.a.
1-100813  Assembled Piping L-1 * n.a.
1-100815  PRR L-1 Mikado Super Detail Kit * n.a.
1-500805   L-1 Assembled Valve Gear * n.a.
1-91000  Engineer & Fireman Painted (for: K-4, L-1, I-1) * n.a.
1-100512   Engineer & Fireman with Back Plate (for: K-4, L-1, I-1) * n.a.
1-100516  Smoke Unit (for: K-4, L-1, I-1, E-6, H-9) * n.a.

Kit Components and Replacement Parts:  The following parts are listed in order to identify parts in your kit or to replace parts that have been lost, damaged or simply worn out.  This is not a complete list of all of the individual parts available for this model - please call Bowser with your specific requirements if you cannot find the parts you need.  You may also use our on-line catalog to find parts by description.  Please note that part numbers with a price of "Call Us" may be part of an assembly and may not be available as a separate purchase item.

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-100511   Cab Back Plate * n.a.
1-100517   Small Parts, Deluxe Kit * n.a.
1-100803  Miscellaneous Kit L-1, K8003 * n.a.
1-100804  Lead Truck Kit, L-1, K8004 * n.a.
1-100805  Valve Gear Kit, L-1, K8005 * n.a.
1-100806  Castings Kit, L-1, K8006 * n.a.
1-100807   Trailing Truck Kit, L-1, K8007 * n.a.
1-100808   Frame, Drivers, Cylinders, L-1, K8008 * n.a.
1-100810   Discontinued Now Use 100815 * n.a.
1-100819   PRR L-1 Mikado Mechanism Kit * n.a.
1-100820  L-1 Instructions (included in Kit) [also a 1.0Mb PDF] * n.a.
1-100821   L-1 Locomotive Only * n.a.
1-100822   Insturctions L-1 Super Detail Kit * n.a.

  Cylinders 27" x 30"
  Firebox size 79-7/8" x 126"
  Steam pressure 205 lbs.
  Weight of engine in working order 324,700 lbs.
  Weight of engine on pony truck 31,000 lbs.
  Weight of engine on drivers 232,500 lbs.
  Weight of engine on trailing truck 61,200 lbs.
  Tractive force 61,465 lbs.
  Weight of tender, empty 77,300 lbs.
  Weight of tender, loaded 189,850 lbs.
  Tender capacity, water 8,835 gals.
  Tender capacity, coal 38,935 lbs.
  Overall length w/ tender 82' 0-1/4"
  Overall height 15 feet
  Length w/ tender 11-1/2"
  Height 2-1/8"
  Weight 2 lb. 2 oz.
  Minimum radius 18"
  Drivers 62"
  Power Bowser DC-71 motor
  Color Brunswick Green

Kit Packets - Photos of individual parts
(click on any image to enlarge)
Side Rod Kit Miscellaneous Kit Lead Truck Bag Valve Gear Parts Boiler Detail Parts
Trailing Truck Parts

Photos of Superdetailed Locomotive and Tender model built by Tony Wasilewski
Front-Right Front-Side-Right Side-Left Side-Right
Tender-Rear-Left Tender-Side-Left Tender-Side-Right

Prototype Locomotive and Tender Photos
Front Front-Side-Left Front-Side-Right Front-Side-Left Rear
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