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Bowser - HO - Steam Loco Kits
PRR I-1 Decapod 2-10-0

History:  Class 2-10-0 Decapods were not a favorite with most railroads; they were rough-riding, but the Pennsylvania Railroad was satisfied with what they saw. The Decapods were tough, had enormous strength, and could be depended on for carrying goods up large mountain slopes. It was said that wherever there were hills, there were usually decapods not far away.

The first Altoona-built 2-10-0 locomotive emerged from Juniata's erecting shop in December of 1916. It was designed by the genius of Alfred W Gibbs and Axel S Vogt. The I-1 engine could travel up the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania faster than other engines in use built prior to this one. A total of 598 I-1s were built. 123 I-1s were built at the Juniata Shops and 475 at the Baldwin Shops. The order for 475 at the Baldwin Shops was the largest order ever for a single class of power!

By 1924, I1s were tearing up the railways. They were regarded as the standard heavy freight hauler of the railroad, achieving speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. They replaced three smaller types of engines: the Consolidations, Mikados, and USRA Santa Fe's.

Some specifications of the I-1 included a boiler that was the largest applied to any Pennsylvania Railroad class up to 1916. The boiler was fed by mechanical stokers and required 250 pounds of steam pressure in its 30 1/2" x 32" cylinders to operate. The total engine weight was 386,100 pounds and had tractive force of 90,024 pounds.

The first I-1, Locomotive No. 790 displayed Juniata Shop badge plate No. 3165. It out-performed the L-1 class 2-8-2 by forty-one percent more horsepower, while utilizing twelve percent less steam. It could travel great distance, powered by only a small amount of steam.

Over a span of many years, the I-1 engines were broken down into subdivisions: the I-1sa and Class I-1s. The I-1sa class had 489 locomotives and the I-1s class had 109 locomotives.

The most notable feature of the decapods was the twin bulky air reservior tanks riding up front on the pilot deck. They were not on the original locos, but were implemented later.

One of the last and most famous runs of the I-1s was the transporting of iron ore out of Northumberland, Pennsylvania. They carried nine thousand tons of ore over the Shamokin Branch to an interchange in the Lehigh Valley.

The Deluxe Kit Includes:  The locomotive and tender complete kit, a painted engineer and fireman, and all of the "Super Detail Kit" parts. In addition, the boiler & tender body have been pre-drilled to enable installation of all the "Super Detail Kit" parts and the valve gear has been assembled.  Please note that some holes may need to reamed to fit the posts on some parts.

Complete Kit and Accessories:  The locomotive and tender complete kit has all of the parts to build a working model. You may wish to add your own details or purchase our "Super Detail Kit". In addition we have a painted engineer and fireman, a smoke unit kit and assemblies available as optional equipment to compliment your kit-building needs.

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-527   I-1 Decapod 2-10-2, Deluxe Kit * n.a.
1-100700   I-1 Decapod Kit with Long Haul Tender * n.a.
1-100710  I-1 Super Detail Kit * n.a.
1-100713  Assembled Piping I-1 * n.a.
1-500705   I-1 Assembled Valve Gear * n.a.
1-91000  Engineer & Fireman Painted (for: K-4, L-1, I-1) * n.a.
1-91039   Headlite Bulb * n.a.
1-100512   Engineer & Fireman with Back Plate (for: K-4, L-1, I-1) * n.a.

Kit Components and Replacement Parts:  The following parts are listed in order to identify parts in your kit or to replace parts that have been lost, damaged or simply worn out.  This is not a complete list of all of the individual parts available for this model - please call Bowser with your specific requirements if you cannot find the parts you need.  You may also use our on-line catalog to find parts by description.  Please note that part numbers with a price of "Call Us" may be part of an assembly and may not be available as a separate purchase item.

Part #DescriptionPrice
1-100511   Cab Back Plate * n.a.
1-100517   Small Parts, Deluxe Kit * n.a.
1-100701  Side Rod Kit, I-1, K7001 (included in I-1 Kit) * n.a.
1-100702  Boiler, Frame, Drivers, Tender, Trucks (included in I-1 Kit) * n.a.
1-100703  Miscellaneous Kit, I-1, K7003 (included in I-1 Kit) * n.a.
1-100704  Lead Truck Kit, I-1, K7004 (included in I-1 Kit) * n.a.
1-100705  Valve Gear Kit, I-1, K7005 (included in I-1 Kit) * n.a.
1-100706  Castings Kit, I-1, K7006 (included in I-1 Kit) * n.a.
1-100708   Frame, Drivers, Cylinders, I-1, K7008 (included in I-1 Kit) * n.a.
1-100716   Instructions for Part# 100718 * n.a.
1-100717   Small Parts Kit for Part# 100718 * n.a.
1-100718   Boiler & Cylinder Kit for Pennline and Bowser * n.a.
1-100719   PRR I-1 Decapod Mechanism Kit (included in I-1 Kit) * n.a.
1-100720  I-1 Instructions (included in Kit) [also a 2.1Mb PDF] * n.a.
1-100721   I-1 Locomotive Only (included in I-1 Kit) * n.a.
1-100722   Instructions, I-1 Super Detail Kit (incl with Deluxe and SD Kit Kit) * n.a.

  Cylinders 30-1/2" x 32"
  Firebox size 79-7/8" x 126"
  Steam pressure 250 lbs.
  Weight of engine in working order 386,100 lbs.
  Weight of engine on pony truck 33,600 lbs.
  Weight of engine on drivers 352,500 lbs.
  Tractive force 90,024 lbs.
  Weight of tender, empty 81,450 lbs
  Weight of tender, full 204,700 lbs
  Tender capacity, water 10,300 gal.
  Tender capacity, coal 37,400 lbs.
  Overall length w/ tender 81' 10-1/4"
  Overall height 15 feet
  Number Series 3701-3725, 4224-4699, 6329-6340 
    and many others
  Length 14-5/8"
    (w/ Long Haul Tender)
  Height 2-1/8"
  Weight 2 lbs. 2 oz.
  Minimum radius 18"
  Drivers 62"
  Power Bowser DC-71 motor
  Paint Color Brunswick Green

Kit Packets - Photos of individual parts
(click on any image to enlarge)
Side Rod Kit Miscellaneous Kit Valve Gear Parts Boiler Detail Parts
Boiler Detail Parts Lead Truck Bag

Photos of Superdetailed Locomotive and Tender model built by Matt Herman
Front-Right Front-Side-Right Front-Left Loco-Side-Right Loco-Side-Left
Loco-Top-Left Loco-Side-Right Side-Left Side-Left Front-Side-Left
Tender-Rear-Left Tender-Side-Left Tender-Top-Left Tender-Side-Right

Assembled and super detailed model photos before painting
Loco-Front-Left Loco-Cab-Right Loco-Front-Right Loco-Front--Left Loco-Cab-Right
Loco-Front-Top Loco-Cab-Top-Left Loco-Front-Left Loco-Center--Left Loco-Cab-Left
Loco-Side-Left Loco-Top-Left Loco-Side-Right Tender-Side-Left Tender-Top-Rear
Tender-Front-Left Tender-Rear-Right Tender-Front-Right Tender-Front-Left Tender-Top-Front
Tender-Rear-Right Tender-Rear-Left
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