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WebTV and MSN TV Issues

Some WebTV systems use a proprietary browser that is comparable to Microsoft's Internet Explorer, version 3.0 browser. IE V3 was released eight years ago by Microsoft in 1996. Regular users of the Internet are using version 5.5 or 6.0. While version 3.0 is fine for viewing most standard HTML web pages, it does not work well with a lot of sites in the World Wide Web, including parts of which use features that IE V3 had not even known about. For example, IE V3 technology does not support the world standard Cascading Style Sheet commands that we use to express fonts and colors and some versions do not include JAVA technology. Newer versions of WebTV do support CSSs and Java to some degree.

Why aren't we making friendly to the WebTV browser?

We could not find version 3.0 to download to try and make work with it because this version is so outdated. Even if we could make it entirely compatible, would not exist as it does today and some features would still not work because IE V3 simply does not have the capability to do so.

What can you do to make your WebTV machine work with this site?

We recommend that you call WebTV customer support, or contact them through their Customer Support Website, or send email to their technical support area, requesting that a FIRMWARE update be made available to you that brings your WebTV machine up to at least Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.01 browser equivalent or better if possible.

What are the known Issues with MSN TV?

The MSN TV Viewer does not support SSL connections and Advanced Proxy settings are not functioning. For the latest information, visit the MSN TV website.

In conclusion, please be advised that such issues noted above typically stem from the level of technology that WebTV and MSN TV itself uses, and not with

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